The Science of Cervantes Idiomas

The most recent studies of Brain Plasticity - the ability of the brain to acquire new knowledge, retain memories, and to create new synapses, have shown that it is NEVER TOO LATE to learn a new language.

It used to be thought that learning a "second language" was a difficult and arduous process. And it was. Because of the way "second languages" were taught. Endless memorization of lists of words. Verb tenses and conjugations. Classification of phraseology and categorisation of sentence structure. Endless repetition of meaningless phrases. NONE OF THIS ACTUALLY WORKED!

What does work is stepping back and learning our "second" (or third) language just like we learned our first one. In a Naturally Immersive environment. This is the foundation of The Natural Immersion Technique ®.

You notice that we're not "talking down to you" or "simplifying the language" or "teaching in your native language!" Because Immersion has been PROVEN to be the single most effective manner in which a person can acquire a language. Our thousands of SUCCESSFUL students will tell you that. We teach you the same way you learned previously. By immersing you in the language. By speaking with you clearly and elegantly. By letting your rehearse the correct sound of the entire phrase and sentence - not simply a single word at a time.

The extreme power of The Natural Immersion Technique ® is hidden in its simplicity. Scientists and Engineers will all tell you that making the complex simple is the true mark of genius. We won't claim that the Natural Immersion Technique is genius. But we're confident that you will!